Just Double Checking

Janet tried to make sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed. She left nothing to chance and it took SO MUCH ENERGY. She would check and recheck her projects at work before sending them to her team. Sometimes she’d just double check really quick before bed knowing she’d have a chance to triple check in the morning. Was she just really conscientious OR was she getting everything just right to try and avoid any judgements or negative responses? As we unpacked this tendency we discovered that deep down Janet really did not want to be criticized. When a colleague or superior was unhappy with her work she took it to heart and in her mind it was tantamount to failure. Let’s be honest, I don

You Can and You Will

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, eat better, get up earlier, or start any new habit without success, you probably question whether you can. In other words, you don’t trust yourself. If you want to make changes, you have to trust that you can and will. I hear from clients and women in my community all the time that they don’t know how to trust themselves. But you do know how trust is built and lost with others. Do they keep their word? Are they dependable? Are they supportive? These are some of the building blocks to trust. So why would trust in yourself be any different? Do you keep your word? Are you dependable and supportive? My guess is yes, when there is another person involved. Usua

It Doesn't Work

How many of you know the feeling of checking and rechecking...and rechecking again?! We do that because we don’t want to miss anything or be criticized. But, here is the truth…. Perfection is a myth. It doesn’t matter how many times you review, we are human and we will make mistakes. AND even if there aren’t any “mistakes”, getting it just right still doesn’t prevent criticism or judgement. Nothing prevents judgement and criticism. No matter how hard we try. So why not stop trying to avoid it? Seriously. How about instead rely on your knowledge and skills and then do your best. Not THE best. How about not making a negative comment or remark mean something about you. How about trusting yourse

Do You Show Up for Everyone Else?

I’d bet $50 that when you give your word to someone else you follow through. Projects get done on time. Dinner plans with a friend? You are there. A work party? Even if you’re tired. You are dependable. But, what happens when you’ve made plans or a commitment to you? How often do you cancel on yourself? Or not follow through? I’d bet another $50 that if something more “important” comes up, the time for you goes right out the window. People know they can count on you. You know people can count on you. But, you can’t count on following through for yourself. It’s why gym membership cards get dusty. Spa gift certificates go unused. Or why you’ve uttered “I can’t trust myself to have chocolate (o

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