You Are NOT Your Thoughts

“That was so stupid” “I don’t know what I’m doing” “I suck at this” “I never catch a break” “Her house (or is so much better than mine.” How many times have you had thoughts like this? How many times have you stopped to question whether the thought was actually true? You believe it. But, is it really true? Thoughts are just sentences in our minds. Once we’ve had a thought over and over and over, it gets solidified in our brains and we believe it. But just because we believe something doesn’t make it true-remember people used to think the world was flat! When you are feeling low, negative, or less than start paying attention to what thoughts are running on

You Aren't Alive to Pay Bills and Lose Weight

I posted this graphic on social media and it got a lot of attention. Why did it resonate with so many women? Because our society tells women that what matters most is their looks. Don’t believe me? Stop and look at advertising. Notice how many ads there are for weight loss, wrinkle cream, and hair dye.  Then look for ads on ways that women can educate themselves on topics that matter to us. Or how many commercials there are on loving yourself exactly as you are right now?  Our consumer society benefits from us buying into the BS and spending our money on the “perfect” anti-aging cream, the weight loss program, shape wear, or the plumping lipstick. All of this is designed to make you

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