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It Doesn't Work

How many of you know the feeling of checking and rechecking...and rechecking again?!

We do that because we don’t want to miss anything or be criticized.

But, here is the truth….

Perfection is a myth. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you review, we are human and we will make mistakes. AND even if there aren’t any “mistakes”, getting it just right still doesn’t prevent criticism or judgement. 

Nothing prevents judgement and criticism. No matter how hard we try. So why not stop trying to avoid it?


How about instead rely on your knowledge and skills and then do your best. Not THE best.

How about not making a negative comment or remark mean something about you

How about trusting yourself and your knowledge rather than letting the judgement of others decide how you feel about you or your work?

We often give the opinion of someone we don’t even like more credit than our own. 

Let that sink in and then share with me what you think in the comments. 


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