You Can Do Hard Things

A house needs a solid foundation to stand on or it will fall apart. So do we. Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It comes from having a solid foundation. Rather than wood and concrete, our foundations are based on experience and knowing that we can come back from whatever life throws our way. You can do hard things. You’ve done it before. Hell, we’re all coming through a pandemic right now! When was the last time you thought about or reminded yourself that you are resilient? We move through achievements, joy, and even difficulty without much reflection. We are just on to the next thing. What if instead we take a minute to acknowledge all that we have accomplishe

50 Things to Let Go...

May 22 is my 50th birthday. What?! In the last decade I have been on a journey to stop beating myself up and feeling like I'm not good enough. Growth requires shedding old beliefs and ideas that simply aren't true or don’t serve us. To celebrate my 50th, I’m sharing 50 things to let go. I have operated under all of these beliefs at some point in my life. Maybe there is something in these gems that will resonate with or be an aha for you. 50 things to let go: Caring what other people think. Apologizing when you’ve done nothing wrong. Trying to get other people to like you. Proving. Perfection. Thinking that you know what is best for other people. Bending yourself into a pretzel so that other

A Yes to One Thing...

Saying yes to one thing is saying no to another. Think about that. Another way of saying this is every time you say yes to something out of fear or obligation you are saying no to something you actually want. When we stop buying into the idea of who we think we should be… Who other people want us to be... When we stop listening to the noise outside and tap into our own inner wisdom and guidance everything changes. The hustle for worthiness slows down. The unrelenting thoughts of not being good enough get quieter. Decisions that are good for YOU get easier. It won’t be perfect and it won’t happen overnight. But, it is so worth it.

Lead From Love

I love Brene Brown. One of her teachings that I come back to often, is the “hustle for worthiness”. It's the unconscious belief in our culture that busy is good, nose to the grindstone, or give 'til it hurts...that’s all hustle friends. We hustle because we think we have to prove ourselves to the higher ups, to our families, on social media and to ourselves. It’s what leads us to bend ourselves into a pretzel for others, to say yes when so desperately want to say no...all of that people pleasing. We are looking to others to validate our worth. The problem with finding our worth in others is that we might not get it, or we might not believe what someone else sees in us (“they’re just being

What is Needed Now

How do you motivate yourself? Are you stuck in the no pain, no gain method? Beating yourself up? Criticizing yourself and others? You’re not alone. I see it everywhere during the pandemic. These old methods are not what we need right now. What we need is love, compassion, community, and clear thinking. What we need is an infusion of what’s considered feminine energy and leadership. It’s not about gender. It’s leading and operating from softness and emotional intelligence not dominating and fear. Feminine leadership is graceful, powerful, and calm. Feminine leaders use their understanding of feelings and emotions, they listen, they know expressing themselves is a NOT sign of weakness, they re

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