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Do You Show Up for Everyone Else?

I’d bet $50 that when you give your word to someone else you follow through.

Projects get done on time.

Dinner plans with a friend? You are there.

A work party? Even if you’re tired.

You are dependable.

But, what happens when you’ve made plans or a commitment to you?

How often do you cancel on yourself? Or not follow through? 

I’d bet another $50 that if something more “important” comes up, the time for you goes right out the window.

People know they can count on you. You know people can count on you. 

But, you can’t count on following through for yourself.

It’s why gym membership cards get dusty.

Spa gift certificates go unused.

Or why you’ve uttered “I can’t trust myself to have chocolate (or whatever your vice is) in the house”. 

If you had a friend that regarded you with the same flakey track record, you would’ve dumped them a long time ago.

What would it mean to be able to really depend on yourself? 

What could you accomplish?

Think about the friend you know that you can count on for anything.

What would it feel like to have that kind of trust in yourself? 

Feel it, embody it, and then hit reply and let me know.


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