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I worked my ass off to create the “perfect” life, but could never quite get there.


No amount of beating myself up led to a smaller pant size, the perfect relationship, or a dream career.


Believe me, I’VE TRIED


And if it worked, we’d all have what we want already.


Hey, I’m Jen Sherwood, and I learned the hard way that we can’t berate or second guess ourselves into a better life. 


I realized there is NO perfect, and in the process, I bent myself into a pretzel to make everyone happy (except me).


  • Spent countless hours trying to prove myself in my career

  • Felt paralyzed by fear of judgment or making the wrong decision

  • Was beaten down by an inner critic that showed NO mercy.  


All of this while I actually HAD the life I wanted, I just couldn’t see it.


I don’t want another woman to suffer the way that I did. 

That’s why I left a 20+ year career as a pediatric audiologist & became a certified coach, speaker, and women’s group & retreat leader. 


I’m passionate about helping women find their way out of ‘meh’, because life is too damn short to live there. 


I have a master's degree in audiology (hearing science). 


Working in both clinical settings & in a statewide program that served underprivileged children, I honed my skills for hearing what moms & families really needed, but weren’t able to articulate or acknowledge.


I bring my ability to hear what’s NOT being said to every consult, coaching session, & event.


It’s one of my superpowers!

When you’re OVER the over-doing, over-worrying, & over-efforting, I can help you create a life you LOVE...

Not just tolerate.

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Create Room to Breathe

Self-Pace Workshop

You need a break from everything that’s draining your energy. I’ve got you.


Download this FREE on-demand workshop: The Top 3 Things Exhausting You & How to Overcome Them. 


Walk away knowing how to identify the energy sucks in your life AND learn simple steps to rein them in.

Find Space For You

Women's Group Coaching
Moving through “being OVER it” is a hell of a lot easier when you have others alongside you.


This is why I created The GC: a monthly membership to support women who want REAL-real connections, real conversations, & where they can be real without fear of judgment or criticism.

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Make Changes NOW


1-on-1 Private Coaching

The “Meh” has gone on long enough & you’re sick of waiting for things to get better.  


When it’s time for a change NOW, 1:1 support is the way to go.

You really can be happy without blowing up your life. I promise.

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