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I worked my ass off to create the “perfect” life, but could never quite get there.


No amount of beating myself up led to a smaller pant size, the perfect relationship, or a dream career.


Believe me, I’VE TRIED


And if it worked, we’d all have what we want already.


Hey, I’m Jen Sherwood, and I learned the hard way that we can’t berate or second guess ourselves into a better life. 


I realized there is NO perfect, and in the process, I bent myself into a pretzel to make everyone happy (except me).


  • Spent countless hours trying to prove myself in my career

  • Felt paralyzed by fear of judgment or making the wrong decision

  • Was beaten down by an inner critic that showed NO mercy.  


All of this while I actually HAD the life I wanted, I just couldn’t see it.


I don’t want another woman to suffer the way that I did. 

That’s why I left a 20+ year career as a pediatric audiologist & became a certified coach, speaker, and women’s group & retreat leader. 


I’m passionate about helping women find their way out of ‘meh’, because life is too damn short to live there. 


I have a master's degree in audiology (hearing science). 


Working in both clinical settings & in a statewide program that served underprivileged children, I honed my skills for hearing what moms & families really needed, but weren’t able to articulate or acknowledge.


I bring my ability to hear what’s NOT being said to every consult, coaching session, & event.


It’s one of my superpowers!

When you’re OVER the over-doing, over-worrying, & over-efforting, I can help you create a life you LOVE...

Not just tolerate.

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Create Room to Breathe

Self-Pace Workshop

You need a break from everything that’s draining your energy. I’ve got you.


Download this FREE on-demand workshop: The Top 3 Things Exhausting You & How to Overcome Them. 


Walk away knowing how to identify the energy sucks in your life AND learn simple steps to rein them in.

Make Changes NOW


1-on-1 Private Coaching

The “Meh” has gone on long enough & you’re sick of waiting for things to get better.  


When it’s time for a change NOW, 1:1 support is the way to go.

You really can be happy without blowing up your life. I promise.

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