A Quickie?! Seriously????

You know that feeling of when you FINALLY have everything situated, you’re ready to dive into work & someone bursts in NEEDING something from you?! How you don’t want to open the door to your office because the minute you do your bored AF teenager has something to complain about! OR your husband gives you the wink, wink & suggests a quickie while everyone is Zoom occupied?  Are you kidding?! You can barely keep all the demands on you & your time straight without fitting in one more-ahem-request. What you need is quiet…calm… What you need is to reconnect with you so that you can just breathe A day focused only on you and not what anyone else needs To replenish To restore So that you can enjoy

3 WAYS to Say No

It’s HARD to say no to someone. There is so much chatter in our heads about what we SHOULD do. Fear of being selfish, fear of being judged, or letting someone down. But here’s the truth...the world is NOT GOING TO STOP if you don’t go to the virtual board meeting, book club, or your in-laws for dinner. And you won’t become a social outcast. That’s just the unrelenting pressure you put on yourself to “show up” the way your supposed to- to avoid judgement or disappointing someone. When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted to do and actually DID that?! I promise you that not listening to the shoulds and really letting yourself recharge helps you show up for the people and things

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