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What is Needed Now

How do you motivate yourself? Are you stuck in the no pain, no gain method? Beating yourself up? Criticizing yourself and others? You’re not alone. 

I see it everywhere during the pandemic. These old methods are not what we need right now. 

What we need is love, compassion, community, and clear thinking. 

What we need is an infusion of what’s considered feminine energy and leadership. 

It’s not about gender. It’s leading and operating from softness and emotional intelligence not dominating and fear.  

Feminine leadership is graceful, powerful, and calm. Feminine leaders use their understanding of feelings and emotions, they listen, they know expressing themselves is a NOT sign of weakness, they rely on their empathy and moral compass, and they can see the ramifications of their actions on others. 

Practicing self-care and boundaries is a necessary part feminine leadership. Because leaders know that taking care of themselves helps them show up in a way that benefits everyone around them... 

Not reacting from stress.

Not barking orders because they are overloaded.

Leadership begins with the self.

You may not see yourself as a leader, but you are the leader of your life. And most likely you are a leader to your family, to your team, friends and/or co-workers. 

What is your leadership style like? How do you interact with yourself? 

I’m guessing most of us could use an infusion of feminine energy and compassion. 

I am curious, what is your leadership style and what you could use more of? Share in the comments, let me know.


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