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Lead From Love

I love Brene Brown. One of her teachings that I come back to often, is the “hustle for worthiness”. It's the unconscious belief in our culture that busy is good, nose to the grindstone, or give 'til it hurts...that’s all hustle friends.

We hustle because we think we have to prove ourselves to the higher ups, to our families, on social media and to ourselves. It’s what leads us to bend ourselves into a pretzel for others, to say yes when so desperately want to say no...all of that people pleasing. We are looking to others to validate our worth.

The problem with finding our worth in others is that we might not get it, or we might not believe what someone else sees in us (“they’re just being nice”), we might have a taste of feeling valuable for a minute and then lose it or we keep raising the bar on what worth looks like so that we can never really have it.

Basing our worth on someone else’s opinion leaves us at their whim and completely disconnected from our own internal compass and drive.

What if instead we bring in the feminine leadership qualities of love, compassion, and listening to and for ourselves. You are the leader of your life. 

How do you want to show up? How do you want to feel? Like you are hustling all the time OR in love and compassion? You may not believe it, but the choice is yours. That is a HUGE part of what I do. I help women identify the choices that are available to them even when they can't see them. You aren't stuck, it can be different, and I can help. If you're curious, go here to book a complimentary consult with me. We will identify one small thing you can shift today that will make a big impact.  


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