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A Quickie?! Seriously????

You know that feeling of when you FINALLY have everything situated, you’re ready to dive into work & someone bursts in NEEDING something from you?!

How you don’t want to open the door to your office because the minute you do your bored AF teenager has something to complain about!

OR your husband gives you the wink, wink & suggests a quickie while everyone is Zoom occupied?  Are you kidding?!

You can barely keep all the demands on you & your time straight without fitting in one more-ahem-request.

What you need is quiet…calm…

What you need is to reconnect with you so that you can just breathe

A day focused only on you and not what anyone else needs

To replenish

To restore

So that you can enjoy the people you love...and a quickie. Join me for the Exhale Virtual re-TREAT a day that will benefit so many more days. You'll walk away feeling seen, heard, & better equipped to handle the demands of sheltering in place without disrupting anyone or losing you.  


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