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3 WAYS to Say No

It’s HARD to say no to someone.

There is so much chatter in our heads about what we SHOULD do.

Fear of being selfish, fear of being judged, or letting someone down.

But here’s the truth...the world is NOT GOING TO STOP if you don’t go to the virtual board meeting, book club, or your in-laws for dinner. 

And you won’t become a social outcast.

That’s just the unrelenting pressure you put on yourself to “show up” the way your supposed to- to avoid judgement or disappointing someone.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted to do and actually DID that?!

I promise you that not listening to the shoulds and really letting yourself recharge helps you show up for the people and things in your life NOT from obligation or resentment, but from calm and choice. 

And because so many women find it hard to say no, here are three ways that will make it so much easier:

1. Give yourself time.

It’s difficult to take all factors of your schedule and life into consideration when you have someone looking at you or hanging on the other end of the line when you decide yes or no. Simply say “let me get back to you” and then you can evaluate if you WANT to do the thing and if there is time in your schedule.

2. No is a complete sentence.

We give 57 reasons why we “can’t” because we don’t want anyone to be upset with us. Stop. You don’t have justify yourself.

3. Be gracious.

Thanks for thinking of me, but I can’t at this time. Simple.

Saying no may feel awkward at first, but like anything else it will get easier with practice...and the benefits are HUGE.

Leave a comment, how you are going to create more time for what YOU want? And if you can’t imagine saying no let’s chat about what is getting in your way. Go here to schedule a consult with me.


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