Resentment, Frustration and Tears, Oh My!

Do you feel like you want to smack the next person who tells you that you just need to slow down? “How the $%^* am I supposed to do that” was usually what I thought as my hands were closing up into frustrated fists! And if I heard one more person flippantly talk about self care (as if getting a manicure once every 2 years was going to somehow balance my overload and irritation) I think I’d become like the old Popeye cartoon with steam coming out of my ears. So I’d better duck to miss your swing! While the messages aren’t always delivered well, taking care of ourselves is the key to turning down the volume on resentment and frustration. But let me be clear here I’m not talking about self care

Be Your Own Valentine (Whether You Have One or Not)

Thursday is Valentine’s Day which may make you want to roll your eyes or it may find you affixing glitter to a handcrafted treat for your sweetie. Whether you love or hate the notion of Valentine’s Day there is no escaping the blitz of hearts, candy, flowers and happy couples that we will be bombarded with between now and the 14th. This got me thinking about relationships and specifically the most important relationship which is the one with ourselves. Author Kevin Burk says “True romance requires intimacy, vulnerability, honesty—and a tremendous amount of courage. This is why it’s such a rare commodity.” Kevin was talking about a relationship between two people but what if we turn this arou

Your Responses

I received some lovely responses to my last note about using the Lunar New Year as a "do-over" and wanted to share them with you. Apparently a number of you weren’t eager to start the new year in January either. Below are a few of the reasons or experiences that zapped our energy and left us feeling not quite ready to hit the ground running: *There is a lot of pressure to be or act happy around the holidays. *Being a single parent and doing all of the holiday activities by myself left me feeling really lonely. *The end of the year was so busy at work. *Managing the family dynamics that come up around the holidays. *Working through issues of forgiveness. *The shifting dynamic in par

You're Not Behind the Eight Ball

Today is the lunar new year. Most of us associate that with Chinese New Year, but, civilizations have been measuring time based on the lunar (moon) cycles for thousands of years. In fact there are some man made lunar calendars that are believed to be as old as 32,000 years! So, why am I sharing this? Perhaps you are feeling behind on “jump starting” the new year. Maybe 2019 was the year you vowed to yourself that things would be different only to find yourself today wondering where January went….and now you’re feeling behind the eight ball because you’re not where you said you would be. I’m here to tell you that you are NOT alone! Feeling tired, lethargic and a general lack of motivation so

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