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You're Not Behind the Eight Ball

Today is the lunar new year. Most of us associate that with Chinese New Year, but, civilizations have been measuring time based on the lunar (moon) cycles for thousands of years. In fact there are some man made lunar calendars that are believed to be as old as 32,000 years!

So, why am I sharing this? Perhaps you are feeling behind on “jump starting” the new year. Maybe 2019 was the year you vowed to yourself that things would be different only to find yourself today wondering where January went….and now you’re feeling behind the eight ball because you’re not where you said you would be.

I’m here to tell you that you are NOT alone!

Feeling tired, lethargic and a general lack of motivation so far in 2019 has been true for me and has come up several times recently with clients, friends and in social media posts. So maybe, just maybe the ancient civilizations that didn’t start their new year until February had it right! January is still a time for hibernation and taking things slow. Although those of you experiencing record low temperatures may still want to hibernate, but we do want to get started on our new year at some point, so why not now?

Instead of beating yourself up for what you haven’t shifted, changed or accomplished yet this year or feeling (ahem) sluggish, let’s start with a clean slate. Let’s adopt the lunar new year as our own, today marks the official start of the new year. Who is with me?!

Can you relate to the January slowdown? Leave a comment and share what you’ve been experiencing. I’d really love to know.

I’ll be talking about this live on Facebook today at noon pacific time. Go to to join in the discussion. I’ll keep it short, after all it is new year’s!

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