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I received some lovely responses to my last note about using the Lunar New Year as a "do-over" and wanted to share them with you. Apparently a number of you weren’t eager to start the new year in January either. Below are a few of the reasons or experiences that zapped our energy and left us feeling not quite ready to hit the ground running:

*There is a lot of pressure to be or act happy around the holidays. *Being a single parent and doing all of the holiday activities by myself left me feeling really lonely. *The end of the year was so busy at work. *Managing the family dynamics that come up around the holidays. *Working through issues of forgiveness. *The shifting dynamic in parenting a young adult. *Witnessing the decline of an older family member. *Guilt around what I wanted to do vs what I should do. *Grieving or missing loved ones. *Wanting time to decompress after the hustle of the holidays, but feeling compelled to clean up and then go right back to work. *The pressures and expectations of the new year. If you were (are) experiencing any of these or something similar and just weren’t ready to start your new year in January, you are clearly not alone. The Lunar New Year technically runs from February 5-19th so if you are just now coming up for air, there is plenty of time to start your new year off when and how you want. And spoiler alert, you can have a do-over any time you need one.

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