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Put a Stop to the Second Guessing and Take a Break From the Overwhelm of Responsibility

I just need to take my brain out & put it down!

That’s what an old friend shared after telling me that her husband unexpectedly left.

The overwhelming feeling of responsibility for her kids.

Unrelenting thoughts about him, her, what he’d done, & why he’d done it.

Feeling alone.



She just wanted to shut it all off & have a minute of peace so that she could hear herself think.

You know this feeling.

It doesn’t take a traumatic life event for your brain to be on overdrive.

It happens all the time.

Second guessing yourself.

Reviewing conversations & looking for where you “screwed up”.

Scrutinizing texts to see what your sister was insinuating.

Not only would it feel amazing to put your brain down & listen to yourself, but it could be life changing to learn how to deal with replaying, overthinking, & second guessing yourself before you put your brain back in place.

I have what you need.

The Soul Spa Getaway is like putting your brain down.

No one will make demands on you or your time.

You'll only consider what you want & need.

You’ll be in circle with women who'll stand with you as you make some space for your inner wisdom to come through.

And I’ll teach you tools to turn the volume down on your relentless thoughts.

Tools that you can take home & use looooooong after the getaway is over.

Come put your brain down. Soak in the sun, sand, & ocean breeze in Carmel, CA 11/3*-11/7.

It’s one weekend that will impact so many others.

DON’T WAIT to register. The early bird discount ends next week.

There is nothing like the sunset in Carmel. I hope to watch it with you.


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