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Beach at Sunset
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Does this sound familiar?

You skipped the gym (again) because you had to get that project done.

You ordered pizza (again) because you stayed late to finish the project - so much for eating at home more.

When you finally sit down you realize you forgot to show up to that happy hour gathering for your former colleague...


The next night, you really want to read your book. But, stop to send one quick email...


AND 2 hours later it’s past the 11:00 bedtime you’d promised yourself.


THIS is what overwhelm feels like


Two steps forward & 47 back!

Imagine how it would feel to...

  • NOT worry about what you didn’t get done today

  • Look at your family & NOT seethe about what they're aren't doing?


  • Say no without guilt


  • Make a decision without texting seven people to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

  • Leave that unfinished email in draft until tomorrow without stressing or beating yourself up.

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The Soul Spa Getaway
November 3*-6, 2022
Carmel, CA

*Thursday November 3rd is a private event ONLY for the women inside my membership group, The GC.

You’ve probably fantasized about getting away for a weekend where you can...


Put it all down and NOT have to think about or take care of anyone else. 


Rediscover you. 


Immerse yourself in a weekend of QUIET relaxation, calm, & connection-at the beach. 

Let go of stress, all the things pulling your attention, & feel more centered-at ease. ​

Release some of the overwhelm of the never ending new cycle that's left you burdened for past 18+ months.


Get out from under the never ending to-do list that needles at you all the damn time!

Give yourself a break, even if that feels impossible right now.


"Jen creates such a warm & welcoming space to be vulnerable within. I really appreciate that. It makes me want to be a part of it, to share, & contribute. It's really incredible how she does that. It's really special."

Trish R. 


The Soul Spa Getaway
is different from other retreats...

This isn’t a band-aid fix. We won’t simply repeat positive affirmations & call it a day. That doesn’t work!


Instead, you’ll learn simple, clear, implementable tools that you can put into action right away. 


Discover strategies so your to-do list no longer dictates how you operate or feel. 

At the Getaway you can get reconnected to YOU-without worrying about what anyone else is doing. 

We'll dive into how to deal with..

  • Taking on too much

  • Being snippy with your people

  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or irritable!

  • Having a hard time saying no

  • Putting other people

We'll do this so you can unravel it in your real life & avoid falling back into old habits OR know how to work your way back to you if you get off track.

You’ll walk away with simple changes to easily implement without disrupting the lives of the people you love. They'll still be a central part of your life-you’ll simply learn how to deal with them and NOT lose yourself. 

One of my superpowers is creating spaces that feel safe & supportive. You’ll be surrounded by women who are ready to be open, vulnerable, & make real changes for themselves. 


They genuinely want to share, connect, & support each other. 


You’ll leave with new soul sister connections so that you can reach out to someone who gets you & is making similar changes in her life.

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After the Soul Spa Getaway you will...


  • Realize that months have gone by since you beat yourself up for forgetting something. 

  • See a storm happening around you & still be kind to yourself. 

  • Know when to say yes & when to say no.


  • Recognize how to move through life with more ease & trust in yourself. 

  • Feel more balanced instead of pulled between demands so that you can enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard for. 

  • Let go of the stranglehold of your never ending to-do list & GUILT-despite the fact that right now you don’t believe that’s even within the realm of possibility. 

Jen's  retreat was such a breath of fresh air.  Her relaxing demeanor made it so easy to open up & share what insecurities were on my mind.  I walked away from the retreat with tools I could implement the next day!”

Megan Leppin

Here's what you get at the Soul Spa Getaway...

1. Spaciousness


A weekend spent exactly how YOU want. 


Do you want to start each morning with your toes in the sand? DO that. Our resort is located right on the water. 


Do you fantasize about sleeping in? Sessions do not start before 10:00 am. 

Is an afternoon nap calling to you? There are long lunch breaks, use them however you want. 


Craving a massage? There's an optional outing on Friday night to a spa. 

2. Sessions 

Morning sessions start at 10:00 am (you're welcome) & go until about noon. We start with a quiet grounding & then use exercises, reflection, journaling, & small group discussions to get at the heart of what's getting in your way. 


You'll learn tools & techniques to help you quiet the harsh inner chatter that drives you to say yes when you don't want to, to live up to others people's expectations, or do what you think you should do-just to name a few. 

After a nice long lunch (usually about 2 hours) we dive back into the afternoon session until 3:00 or 5:00 depending on whether we're meeting back on the beach that evening or not.

Sunday morning from 10-12 we'll wrap up & reflect on what we've discovered, learned, & want to leave behind. 

3. On the spot, real time coaching

During the sessions, I'll be there to provide personalized coaching to help you overcome the places you’re stuck right then & there.

4. FUN

Laughter & fun is VITAL to create what you want for yourself. If we’re not having fun, it’s not going to work. 


You’ll come into a retreat that’s been designed as a relief for you & discover that you’re not alone.


In every retreat & group I’ve ever run, the women there find it comical how long they’ve thought they were the only one who thought, felt, or treated themselves that way. And they quickly find out, they’re NOT. 


This retreat is not fluffy; you’ll do deep work & form strong bonds...& your life will be changed. 


You’ll also also laugh a lot because you’ll feel freer, accepted, & be able to enjoy yourself. 


Plus I’m a lighthearted person & I love to laugh. We can get a lot done & without taking everything so seriously.

5. Pre & post getaway group calls & private Facebook community


We’ll start getting connected before we step foot in gorgeous Carmel. 


There’ll be a private Facebook community where we can get to know one another & share travel plans. 


The week before the getaway we’ll have a pre-retreat group call where we’ll introduce ourselves & build on what we’ve started in the Facebook group. I’ll go over all of the details so you can feel comfortable when you arrive. 

You'll walk away from the retreat with action steps to take, & a follow-up group call where you can share, ask questions, & check in with each other.


What to expect... 

A weekend of your design in beautiful Carmel, California. 

The retreat will take place in a private home only 2 blocks from the beach. Sessions will be held in the spacious living room, patio, back garden & on the beach. A list of nearby inns & hotels for your stay will be provided after registration.  


Thursday 11/3: The getaway begins with a private event just for the women in my coaching membership group, The GC. The GC was born as a place for real, genuine connection to other women as well as a space to learn & grow together. I created the group after hearing from so many women that after they were feeling more disconnected than ever. A group like this is the antidote.


If you’re curious about the experience of the community inside The GC & are interested in being part of the private event go here for information & registration for The GC.


Friday & Saturday (11/4 & 11/5): are dedicated to full day workshops & interactions that will help us release expectations, put down responsibility, embrace our value, quiet the brutal inner chatter & get off the hamster wheel of the never ending to-do list. You can also expect to giggle, connect, strengthen our bonds & really get to know each other. Sessions will take place both in the retreat space & at the beach. 

Friday night is an optional outing to the Refuge Spa for time in their thermodynamic circuit of steam rooms, saunas, and hot and cold pools. You're welcome to schedule a massage too if you'd's YOUR getaway. 


Sunday morning (11/6): from 10-12 is our closing circle reflecting on what we've learned, shared, experienced & what we will (& WON’T) take back home. 

There will be unscheduled time each day for you to rest, walk on the beach, shop or continue meaningful conversations. 

Each evening there will be the option to join the group for dinner. Or maybe you want a quiet cozy table for one. It is your getaway you get to decide.

What's included...

What is and is not inclued

🔅 A safe space to explore what isn’t working for you right now, without fear of judgement or gossip.

🔅 A group of heart-centered women to surround you & reflect back what you are discovering or maybe what you can’t see for yourself. I call in genuine women who truly want to support other women. I am also skilled at laying the foundation in groups for confidentiality and interactions that come from a place of wisdom, experience and understanding.

🔅 Daily group sessions & workshops Friday-Sunday with the optional bonus session for the women in The GC on Thursday 

🔅 Exercises to explore why you aren’t a priority in your life & how to get there.

🔅 Access to Jen for reflection, questions, input & coaching.

🔅 Unstructured time to rest, walk, journal, shop, explore or connect with your new soul sisters.

🔅 The pre & post retreat group calls. 

🔅 FUN! We tackle serious topics here, but it doesn’t ALL have to be serious. Laughter promotes connection and healing. 

Registration for the Soul Spa Getaway 2022 is closed. Sign up here to be the first to be notified of future retreats.  

Cost & discount

What's not included...

1. Accommodations: Once you're registered you will receive information on accommodations near the retreat house. 


2. Transportation: You're responsible for getting to & from Carmel as well as getting around town if you choose to explore. 


3. Meals/Beverages: Drinks & meals are not included.

4. Optional outing: Friday evening there is an optional outing to The Refuge Spa which is not included in the cost of the getaway. 

Cancellation policy

We all know that sometimes life gets life-y

If your plans change, you can cancel for a refund (minus $100) through 8/30.


Between 8/30 & 9/17 you can cancel & receive a 50% refund.


No refunds after 9/17. 

“Jen is an incredible facilitator & coach. With her down-to-earth way of approaching life, whether it's hers or yours, & the fact that she "walks her talk", Jen is an ally that you can call on without fear of judgement. Her knowledge, wisdom, & insight have gotten me through the most intense changes I've ever endured. I'm a better person in every way because of her.”

Gisela Oeding

Cancellation policy
My happy place.jpeg

I can't wait to
meet you inside the
Soul Spa Getaway!

Who is Jen Sherwood? 


I come from a long line of worriers. If the pandemic had happened 10 years ago things would look very different for me. I would've been sitting in a pit of despair with no clue how to get out...


Heck I wouldn’t have even realized there was a different way of being!


I know now that part of my worry came from a general sense of not feeling good enough. I was worried about being judged, saying “something stupid”, being awkward, that I wasn’t a good mom, that I was going to EFF up my kids, or that someday after 27 years of being together that my husband would suddenly decide I really wasn’t as cool or fun as he thought & would leave. 


What a load of BS to carry around, eh?! 


My inner critic was on overdrive about my parenting, my career, my home, my body, my name it & I had something to criticize about myself. One day I got sick & tired of being sick & tired.        


Fast forward to today...I am a certified coach, speaker, blogger & retreat leader. 


I help women stop beating the shit out of themselves so they can get RELIEF from the exhaustion & overwhelm & create a life they LOVE, not just tolerate.

group on the beach.jpeg

The Soul Spa Getaway is PERFECT for you if…

You’ve been feeling stressed & overwhelmed.


It’s hard to make time for yourself-AND when you do, guilt or your to-do list distracts you.


You frequently put aside what you’re doing to deal with someone one else’s needs or requests.

 The word “should” drives how you spend most of your time.


The day-to-day feels exhausting. 


What used to get you out of a funk isn’t working as well. 


You are tolerating more than you are enjoying.


You beat yourself up….A LOT.

You're short or curt with your people. 


Wait-are you short with your people? Do you feel guilty about it? Do you carry that around all day, apologize for it & find the next day it’s the same thing? 


Mmmm hmmm, I've got you. 


At the retreat we'll talk about why that happens & put an end to it-even if you feel like that can’t happen right now. 


So if you’re interested in NOT being short with your people this getaway is the perfect place for you to get some relief & ease.


Don’t let another day go by where you feel like you are just holding it together!

None of us thought 2+ years later that COVID would still top the headlines & the political divide would be wider than’s been a damn long time of fear & stress. 


Come...sit...relax...connect...& remember WHO you are & what you LOVE at the Soul Spa Getaway.


You’ll see that showing up how you want to be with your people is a game changer in your relationships.


You will ENJOY your life, not just tolerate it.


Say NO to things that you don’t actually want to do & watch how the rest of your life falls in line.


Allow the connection & support of the group to remind you that you ROCK & you have a sisterhood standing with you.

Ready to stop drowning under all the things & bring in

calm & ease without doing more OR feeling guilty?

I know it feels unrealistic, but I promise...

It's 100% possible

-AND not complicated.

IMG_1828 2.jpeg

“As soon as I found out that Jen was offering a retreat, I wanted to sign up!  I have had 1:1 sessions & attended retreats with her. If you have ever been on a retreat where the energy of the group supported & encouraged you, then you know what you are in for. If you haven’t, you need to try it at least just this once. I know this retreat will exceed your expectations.”

Debra Larsen

You have questions, I have answers...

🔅 Do I really need to spend money on this now?

Research out of the Boston University School of Public Health shows that depression rates in adults climbed from 8.5% prior to the pandemic to 27.8% in 2020 and continued rising to 32.8% in 2021. That's 1 in every 3 American adults. In addition to lingering covid concerns there is still a huge political divide in the U.S., on-going hearings, and the fallout and fears following the supreme court decision on reproductive rights.


I'm not suggesting a weekend retreat will cure depression. But, social connection is a hallmark to emotional well-being. And women are feeling more isolated than ever.  


Wouldn’t it be amazing to weather the rest of this storm from a place of more confidence, joy, & not snapping at your people because you're stressed? The value of what you walk away with from this experience is priceless & may just save your relationships. Is that worth it to you?


🔅 I don’t have time for this right now. 

If you struggle with finding the time for everything, when will you think you’re not too busy? Let's be honest, nobody has time for this right now. But, the people who want to feel better are making the time for it. If you don't do something like this retreat your life will continue as it is & nothing will change. I will teach you how to think about time in a different way & spend some of it on yourself - without feeling guilty - even if that's not your M.O. right now. It’s ONE weekend that will benefit so much more. 

🔅 I’m not sure I’m at the right level for this. I’ve never done a retreat or coaching before. 

While my retreats aren’t fluffy, you don’t have to have any previous experience to benefit from the work. I won’t leave anyone behind. Remember one of my super powers is creating a safe space, so you can feel comfortable to say you don’t understand or ask for clarification. The women who come to my events are at all levels of experience. We learn as much from each other as we do from the content I bring.

Imagine putting down what you’ve been carrying so that you can...

🔅 Feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

🔅 Breathe in the fresh salt air.

🔅 Dig your toes in the sand.

🔅 Walk on the beach.

🔅 Take a nap.

🔅 Be in a small circle of women who want to find some inner calm & want that for you too. 

🔅 Let your guard down & speak freely without fear of judgement.  

🔅 Have real heart to heart connections.


🔅 Consider only what YOU want to do


“I love Jennifer Sherwood!  Her coaching is a gift!  It's clear, appropriate, meaningful & actionable.”

Kay Newby

*Thursday November 3rd is a private event ONLY for the women inside my
membership group, The GC. After learning, growing, & bonding together
they're going to have a night just for them in Carmel.

It's not too late to join The GC & be a part of the private event.

Go here to learn more about or register for The GC.

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