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How Thoughts Create Feelings - And Feelings Create Actions

Everything feels hard.

Getting everyone out the door.

Never making it to work on time.

Racing through meeting after meeting only to rush out the door and try to get a kiddo where they need to be.

This ^^ was my client Lynn recounting her week.

She tries so effing hard & can’t get anywhere.

No time to even think…

OR is it what she’s thinking about that’s taking her time??

Our brains bombard us with 60,000 thoughts per day.

How many of those do you think are supportive & encouraging???!!!

As opposed to the ones that sound like…

Shit I’m going to be late for the appointment - should’ve left 10 minutes ago!!!

Damn we have to turn around because I forgot to remind Liam to bring his soccer cleats - AGAIN!! 🙄

WTF is this meeting about? Are we downsizing? I’ve been distracted lately, have they noticed?? Crap I’d better get my act together!

Why did Steve leave that laundry? Does he expect me to do it? Is that how this is now, he just leaves shit & I’m just supposed to take care of it?!

Is that really what I look like in these pants?!

What do these kinds of thoughts get her???








And feeling like she’s not getting anywhere.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings lead to actions.

THESE feelings aren’t helping Lynn move the needle toward what she wants - which is less chaos, better communication with her husband, more confidence, & less stress.

ALL of this is possible.

But, not until she stops letting the brutal thoughts keep her stuck.

And to do that she has to quiet down long enough to actually hear & grab those thoughts.

Because trust me, they’ve been playing on a loop so long that Lynn doesn’t hear them, it’s just her norm.

The same is true for you.

Let me help you start sorting it out.

Step away from it all so that you can actually hear yourself think at the Soul Spa Getaway in Carmel, CA.

It’s a big deal to decide to take a weekend for yourself.

It requires you to acknowledge that you want change AND it just might be possible.

Then you have to choose you by saying yes.

Those are REAL steps toward change.

Imagine a weekend where the only person you are responsible for is YOU.

Where you get to put down all the responsibilities, thoughts, frustrations, fears, and whatever other BS you're carrying. PUT. IT. DOWN for real and just be.

I’ll help you sift through it. The other women in the circle will sit with you -without judgment - as you consider what would actually move you toward the life that you want & then leave the rest in Carmel.

We’re not talking about blowing up your life - unless you want to! 😄

This is blowing up the way you think & talk to yourself, with love & support, so that you can move in the direction you want - even if you don’t know what that is yet.

Come to Carmel, let’s do this.

The early bird pricing ENDS this Thursday 9/29. Don't miss out because you'll be kicking yourself if you do...and kicking yourself is exactly what we're looking to change!! 😉


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