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You Aren't Alive to Pay Bills and Lose Weight

I posted this graphic on social media and it got a lot of attention.

Why did it resonate with so many women?

Because our society tells women that what matters most is their looks. Don’t believe me? Stop and look at advertising. 

Notice how many ads there are for weight loss, wrinkle cream, and hair dye.  Then look for ads on ways that women can educate themselves on topics that matter to us. Or how many commercials there are on loving yourself exactly as you are right now?  Our consumer society benefits from us buying into the BS and spending our money on the “perfect” anti-aging cream, the weight loss program, shape wear, or the plumping lipstick. All of this is designed to make you think your worth is dependent on how you look. Which is total BS. Your worth is not dependent on your lack of crow’s feet. You were born worthy. I’d bet $20 that you would not look at a baby and think there was anything wrong or imperfect about it. The same is true of you.  You don’t have to earn or prove your worth.  What you need to do is believe it.  So the next time you see or hear an advertisement telling you what you need, see it for what it is. A money grab. It’s not there to support you or your highest good. That can only come from you. And if you have absolutely no idea how to go about believing your worth or you've tried in the past and it hasn't stuck, let me help. I have worked on that steadily with myself and my clients. Schedule a free strategy session and we will tease out the lies that are hiding in the shadows and holding you back. Go here to schedule a free strategy session.

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