NO ONE is Perfect!

It's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I don’t know about you, but few things incite my perfectionist like entertaining. Having people in my house, eating food that I served used to nearly send me off the rails. The idea of being judged?! If you are like me or the women I work with, there have been plenty of times when the desire to make everything just right has completely stolen the joy out of the day. Sound familiar? Here are some truths that just might help: There is no perfect. Period. Sure some people may make entertaining (or whatever gets your goad up) seem like a breeze, but I assure you she is not perfect. And comparison always leaves us feeling lousy so please stop and find some k

Are You Listening?

Women’s intuition. We’ve all heard of it. But, let me let you in on a little secret gals, we don’t have the corner on the market. Men have intuition too, we all do. It’s the wisdom that lives deep inside of you, that sends up red flags when you’re dating the wrong guy. Or you just know something is off about a friendship. The question is, are you listening? Where fear, doubt and insecurity scream at you intuition speaks softly and with the noise of our busy lives we often don’t hear it or we brush it aside. How many times have we heard stories of a person who had a near miss with crime or disaster who recalled that something told them not to go or to take a different route? That something wa

Happiness is an Inside Job

When I was young I used to think I’ll be so happy when I’m married and have a family. Then it was I’ll be so happy when my kid sleeps through the night. Then it was I’ll be so happy when I’m not being pulled between my professional obligations and being a mom. Then it was… Sound familiar? Life is always on the move. There is always something going on. How long was I going to wait for the “right” thing to come along and make me happy? I’d be waiting a pretty damn long time. It’s been pretty revolutionary to discover there is no "thing" that will make me happy. Making myself happy is up to me. Period. When I started looking at how I talk to myself. When I started to examine the destructive t

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