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Happiness is an Inside Job

When I was young I used to think I’ll be so happy when I’m married and have a family.

Then it was I’ll be so happy when my kid sleeps through the night. Then it was I’ll be so happy when I’m not being pulled between my professional obligations and being a mom.

Then it was…

Sound familiar?

Life is always on the move. There is always something going on. How long was I going to wait for the “right” thing to come along and make me happy? I’d be waiting a pretty damn long time.

It’s been pretty revolutionary to discover there is no "thing" that will make me happy.

Making myself happy is up to me. Period.

When I started looking at how I talk to myself.

When I started to examine the destructive thoughts that play on a loop in the back of my mind.

When I realized that shifting how I interacted with myself created massive changes in my life, it was revolutionary.

What do you want for your life?

What thoughts go through your mind when you think about that? If it is anything other than supportive, that is your work. How can you start talking to you more like you would your BFF?

My happiness is up to me and your happiness is up to you. It's an inside job.

Could you use some help with this? Let’s talk. Go here to schedule a call with me. Let’s find one thing you can shift right now.

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