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Why Prioritizing Your Happiness and Needs Is So Important

Madeline is uncomfortable. One kid is off at college & the other has one foot out the door. For 20 years her priorities have been them - with a side business that got her time when she had any. IT wasn’t the priority, THEY were. She’s got an itch for a second act, a passion, something that’s HERS. But they still expect her to be the mom who drops everything to answer her daughter’s phone call-because she always did. And the school foundation still expects that she’ll put in loads of hours volunteering & fundraising-because she’s great at it. And her husband & friends expect her to be available when they’re free because she’s always accommodated them. And on some level SHE believes that family, friends, & volunteering come first. Over her. Over her business. Even though there’s a growing fire in her belly for more. Do you know this kind of discomfort? The pull between wanting something new & your old priorities? Whose expectations are holding you back? Where are you selling yourself or your dreams short because the change feels TOO BIG, disruptive, or you're terrified you’ll disappoint your people? Has their happiness come to matter more than yours? Other people have expectations, but that doesn’t make them the roadmap for your life. Even if you’ve followed the map for 10, 20, 30 years! Madeline is making her & her business a priority in her life now-along with her family & friends. She didn’t abandon her family, she just elevated herself & what SHE wanted on the priority list. You can do that too. No matter what your desire is-even if the desire is for something different & that something is fuzzy. I teach women to do that everyday. Because what you need matters.

Because when you’re working toward what you want, you show up differently in the world & that’s good for you AND the people you love. With love, Jen PS It’s possible to put down your old roadmap of doing what you thought you should … with other women who are also releasing their shoulds! Imagine what it would be like in that group knowing you’re not alone. Visualize putting yourself first for one full day & discovering how to have more of that in your life AND doing that in a place with a strong foundation & the support of me & the group of women so you don’t get lost in the weeds alone worrying what other people will think or how it will impact your family. Come spend one day focused on you where you get to… Put down the stress of this last year. Release the overwhelm & beating yourself up. Sit in a space that feels safe to let your guard down. See yourself in other women’s stories & not feel so god damned alone in all of this! Let go of trying to be everything to everyone & ending up exhausted. Learn how to bring in more ease into your life-even if you don’t believe that’s a real thing. Go here to learn more and register for The Ease Virtual Retreat Saturday April 17 9:00am-3:00pm (pacific)


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