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Why I'm Closing My Monthly Membership

There are times when something no longer fits in your life.

Circumstances or priorities change.

But, how many times do you keep the thing because you’re afraid to disappoint someone?

This is especially difficult when it’s something you love.

I recently decided I needed to stop running The GC, my monthly membership community.

I LOVE that group.

The women in there fill my cup and my heart every time I’m with them.

AND…circumstances have changed.

A few months back I took a leap and accept a full time position as an in-house career coach for a corporation.

I’m enjoying the work, the clients and my new team very much.

As I navigate being back in a full time position, still running my coaching business on a smaller scale and trying to have a personal life I realized something had to give.

So, while I LOVE The GC and everything about the community we created I realized I could no longer give it the love and attention it deserved.

Ultimately I needed to let that go for the sake of what I needed, which was more free time

It wasn’t an easy decision, but I know it was the right one.

Are the members disappointed? Maybe. I still know moving on is the right choice.

What is something you’ve held onto?

It might not even be something you love.

There might be a relationship, habit, job, commitment, or decision that is no longer serving you.

Most of us don’t make the change because we’re afraid of what people will think or of what’s on the other side of letting that go.

Familiar is comfortable - sort of.

But, is it really what you need?

What needs to go for YOU?

Maybe you’re not ready to do whatever you need to do - YET but putting it in writing just might spark something for you.


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