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Why Don't We Ask?

I would bet money that you would drop anything if a friend needed help.

But, what happens when YOU need something? Do you google? Muddle through? Figure it out?

Why don't we ask for help or input when we need it? What are you thinking when you decide you’ll just muscle through?

Maybe it’s a belief that you are capable and you can figure it out. Or maybe it comes from not wanting to be seen as incompetent, like you can’t handle it, or less than? 

Sound familiar?

Most of the women I work with DO NOT WANT TO BE JUDGED. Who does?

We don’t want anyone to see our “weaknesses”. 

But, let's turn that around...if you’re not a doctor is it a weakness to not be able to perform surgery? Or to go to medical school to learn how?

And if your doctor friend was tired from a shift and wanted help getting dinner on the table I doubt you’d see her as weak, you’d see her as human.

So, why then do you beat yourself up for what you don’t know or when the load you’ve been carrying becomes too heavy?

What are you making it mean that you can’t do it all yourself?

What I see after working with loads of women is that we believe we are supposed to be able to do it all (without losing our minds) and when we can’t, that means something is wrong with us.

I call BS on that! 

No one is good at everything and no one can balance all of the demands of life, work, and family alone.

We need connections, we need space, and we need to be able to put down what we are carrying.

Can you imagine what our relationships would be like if we stopped hiding this and just GOT REAL?!  I think there would be way more genuine connection and less feeling like crap! Are you game to try? With love, Jen 

P.S. If what is REAL for you right now is that your family, your living situation, and/or dealing with this pandemic is driving you INSANE I can help. I am offering the Chaos to Calm program. This is a short coaching package, with short sessions because that is all the bandwidth we have for these days. You bring it ALL to me. The fear, frustration, irritations, and everything that is ticking you off and let it out. I will help you process it and leave it behind. You will have tools to help you move forward from a much calmer place.Go here for more info or to register. 


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