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What’s Next After “Happily Ever After” - How to Find Your Motivation Again

How long have you felt meh? Stuck?

When we were younger there were these almost pre-prescribed goal posts for women:

Go to college.

Launch your career.

Get married.

Have babies.

Then what?

You did the things - maybe not all of them but you kept upleveling.

Who did you need to become to graduate from college? Or to land that first entry level position and make your way up?

How did you need to change and adapt to have a successful relationship or not?

And what ways did parenthood change you???

Let me be clear I’m NOT advocating for or against these “goals”.

For most western women these are the expectations that most of us follow without question.

We had things we were working toward. Driving us.

Not a lot of meh at that time.

So, what happened after we reached those??

For most women the focus of our 30s and beyond shifts to the needs of other people.

Let me be clear you do NOT have to be a parent to have the focus turn toward other people. It can be making sure clients, co-workers, or supervisors are happy with us. Your parents or siblings may be taking attention.

At this stage there really aren’t any more of those pre-prescribed goals for us & we can get a little lost. Meh. STUCK.

What do you need to motivate you again? On YOUR terms?

Setting a goal & actively working toward it can be just the kick in the pants that reignites our drive.

It doesn’t have to be a massive venture.

Maybe you want a consistent bedtime or to get to the gym 3 times a week.

Here’s the point in all of this.

You had to grow & uplevel as you went for the college degree, start your career or however you reached the levels in your life that you have.

Feeling stuck can be because we’ve lost the motivation to work toward something & grow into the person who achieves that.

It’s so much less about achieving the thing and all about who you need to become to get there.

Maybe there are somethings you believe about yourself that keeps you stuck in the stuck.

Everywhere you look, February is all about Valentine’s Day.

Soooo in The GC we’re taking a look at the most important relationship in your life. The relationship you have with YOU!

Let’s dive in and see if we can shift some of the opinions that are keeping you stuck.

We also have a bonus book club discussion on “Chatter” by Ethan Kross. It’s a spotlight on the inner chatter will be so insightful on moving forward. You’ll get something out of the discussion even if you haven’t read the book!


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