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What Might You Not Be Addressing Because You’re Too Busy Being Busy?

Are you busy?

That’s kind of a duh, huh?!

The two most common answers to “How are you” are…

Fine and…BUSY.

But, are we actually more busy than generations before or are we immersed in a culture of overscheduling plus the constant bombardment of notifications, information, & over tech stimulation?????!!!!

What benefit do you think we get from staying busy?

Brene Brown says we wear busy like a badge of honor.

I invite you to consider what you might not be addressing because you’re too busy being busy?

What’s going on that feels too big, too heavy, or just plain scary to look squarely in the face?

Something off in your marriage?

Afraid you’ll be alone forever?

Hate your size?

Empty nest barreling down on you?

Feeling unfulfilled in your life and it’s too damn late to start over?

Busy can be a way of insulating ourselves from the things we don’t want to face.

Numbing out the painful emotion.

But, where is that getting you?

If you’re not facing the tough stuff you’re staying right where you are and the emotions you’re running from ARE STILL THERE.

It’s scary to face them, but there is relief in moving through them.

I know. I use busy as a buffer too. But I’ve learned it’s just easier to face it so I can move on.

I can show you how too.

Come have a completely confidential chat with me.

There is power in declaring the thing that is your way.

Let’s do it together.

Even if we don’t end up working together you will walk away with a shift from the conversation.

Book your call here.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.


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