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The Secret Sauce

When we are dancing between who we really are vs what we show to the world, it is exhausting.

Think of the energy wasted trying to be accepted or liked. 

Some of you will argue with me that you don’t do that. And if that’s true, high five. 

But, if you’ve typed and re-typed an email or text because you were worried that you would upset someone…

If you’ve bitten your tongue…

If you’ve spent hours wishing that you’d said something different…

If you’ve tried to dot every i and cross every t, leaving no room for criticism...

That’s the wasted energy.

What would change in your life if you took it back? If you had that energy for your passion,

your career or for YOURSELF...what would that be like?!

No one is suggesting you become a jerk who just needs to “tell it like it is” when you know that statement will be intentionally hurtful to someone else. 

Instead the more you love and accept yourself, the less you will need to prove

That my friends is the secret sauce. With love, Jen


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