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Learning To Grow, Connect, and Gain Confidence

Happy, sad, glad, mad, & afraid...

Those are the basics of all human emotions. How are you feeling right now? Meh isn’t on the list. Neither is “I don’t know”. But, these days...100 years into the pandemic, that’s not uncommon & neither is feeling... Empty. Numb. Checked out. Distracted. When you’re disconnected from yourself it’s hard to know how you’re feeling because you’re (subconsciously) trying to avoid how you’re feeling.

Maybe you’re mindlessly eating chips while you type, erase, & retype the proposal that your team is waiting for. How many times have you stayed up late watching Seinfeld because you knew when you shut the TV off your mind would continue to race? Or you finished that bottle of wine way faster than you meant to...again. Nobody wakes up & says

“I want to feel lonely today”. Yet checking out only serves to isolate & takes you further away from what you want even...even if you don’t know exactly what you want, you know you don’t want this! And then you’re really hard on yourself because everyone else seems to have this shit all figured out. Everyone else has tons of friends & does fun stuff with them even in a pandemic & their kids aren’t struggling… So you stew about what’s not working & have a date with Ben & Jerry. Except NOT everyone has it together, but you wouldn’t know that because NO ONE talks about it. We see what people’s lives look like from the outside & compare it to what is going on on our inside & feel like crap. So we hide…& eat, & watch Netflix, & shop for stuff we don’t need or can’t afford and we wake up feeling exactly the same.

Enough. Imagine what it would feel like to have an honest conversation where another woman shares how her life is going & you’re vigorously nodding along because it sounds exactly like your experience. How would it feel to hear MORE than one woman describe that? Would it help you feel less alone?! Hell yes it would!! The first time I opened up in a women’s group & realized other women had the same struggles, I stopped brutalizing myself so much. It was the first time I realized I wasn’t totally abnormal & weird. I’d been judging & beating myself up my whole life until I saw that I wasn’t alone. That is really when the tide started to turn for me. What could it do for you to be real in a safe space with a group of women who are there to learn, grow, & connect? What could you discover about you...and maybe just maybe start to accept about yourself instead of fighting or avoiding? I am creating this space. The space where you don't have to rehearse what you're going to say ahead of time because you're afraid of how it will land. The space where you can share without fear of gossip or judgement. The space to put down all the ways you've been beating yourself up for being a weirdo-because in here, you'll see that you're not.

⭐️ Introducing The GC ⭐️

A space for: Growth & connection Girlfriends & collaboration Where you can: Gain Confidence Get Coached. The GC is so new that I don't have an official webpage yet. Click here for the details: If this feels like a fit If The GC feels like a hell yes, hit reply & let me know. I'll get you set up. And if you get me your hell yes before this Friday, you'll be included in a BONUS pre-call before The GC officially kicks off. I really hope to see you inside The GC. xo, Jen


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