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How Your Beliefs Are Influencing Your Feelings

Jessie chose a major in college because her Dad told her to, not because she was interested in it.

No surprise, she doesn’t like her profession. Yet she’s come to me to help her navigate advancing her career because she has to do that job.

“I don’t have a choice, it’s what I majored in”

^^THIS is what I mean when I talk about beliefs getting in the way.

When I offered the perspective that she always has a choice I saw the light bulb go on.

The choices may seem evident to you in this woman’s situation, but they’re not always clear when we’re the ones in the middle of the circumstances.

Where do you feel stuck?

Or unhappy?


The beliefs operating behind the scenes are driving how you feel.

The problem is we’ve had the beliefs for so long we don’t recognize them.

This is where coaching shines.

Coaches are trained to spot the beliefs that limit or hold you back.

You’re NOT stuck in life.

You’re stuck in your beliefs.

And that’s good news, because beliefs can be changed.

Want some help with those beliefs?

It's so freeing to discover and start moving through what is blocking you.

I have an opening for one new client.

Maybe that spot is yours?

There’s no obligation, we’ll just chat and see what is happening for you.

At a minimum you’ll walk away from that call with more insight even if we don’t do any work beyond that.

What have you got to lose?


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