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How to Stop Letting Worry Steal Your Time and Joy

You can’t be mindful & worried at the same time.

I’m not sure where I heard that, but I believe it & I practice it.

I come from a LONG line of worriers.

Phone calls from my Mom usually start with, ”Honey, I was just thinking…”

That’s code for let me share what I’m actively worrying about.

I “inherited” her tendency.

Before I started intentionally noticing & managing my thoughts I spent plenty a sleepless night worrying about the “stupid” thing I’d said to a friend.

Or agonizing about what a co-worker thought of the feedback I’d given in a meeting.

Or rehearsing over & over in my mind what the next meeting might look like so I could share my opinion, but avoid looking like I was criticizing anyone.

The problem with worrying is it steals your time & your joy.

Being mindful simply means being present, noticing the moment that you’re in.

Worrying either keeps you stuck in the past thinking about what already happened or projecting into the future about what might happen. Either way you’re missing out on the here & now.

Practicing bringing myself back to the moment has helped me feel & experience letting worry of go. I like how that feels in my body waaaaayyyyyy more than worry.

AND practicing this has positively impacted all of my relationships.

Recently, my husband was able to share a fear that he’s wrestling with & instead of picking up his worry & carrying it as my own-like I used to-I listened to & supported him.

Imagine how different that experience was for him.

In years past I would climb in a pit of despair & be edgy until the problem resolved...whenever that was!

Where is worrying getting in your way & stealing your time & joy?

How could your relationships improve if you try practicing mindfulness instead?

I’d love to hear.




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