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How to Stop Fear From Hijacking Your Brain

Getting a new boss can be intimidating.

She doesn’t know you or your work ethic.

You likely only know what you’ve heard about her.

If you have a hard time speaking up or asking for what you need, a situation like this can make it even more challenging.

But, what if you actually need something from her?

Joann met with this new boss who took a look at her annual goals & said 2 of the 3 don’t work. Then she abruptly ended the meeting due to time.

Joann came to our session confused & frustrated. Goals needed to be submitted to HR that week & she had no idea what to do.

As we talked it through, Joann could see there had been opportunities to ask questions. But, she was already feeling nervous and it was apparent to her that her boss was in a rush so she clammed up.

What led her to bite her tongue despite the multitude of questions she had & the looming deadline?

It was all of those things!!

Her brain was hijacked with fear so she shut down.

She was afraid it would look like she didn’t understand the expectations of her role if she questioned why these goals didn’t work.

She didn’t want to be a bother, she knows her boss is busy.

AND-you probably guessed this-she was afraid of looking stupid.

So, she said nothing & had no goals to submit.

When the brain is hijacked by fear it’s nearly impossible to think rationally, come up with creative solutions, or speak up calmly.

You can’t think your way out of a brain in fear!

We need to turn the volume down on the brain’s fear center & turn it up in other parts of the brain.

Joann & I practiced doing just that.

She worked up the courage to put another meeting on the calendar and showed up nervous, but determined to ask for the input she needed. Which she got.

Where has this happened for you?

It doesn’t have to be a work situation. There are plenty of times in our personal relationships where we shut down.

What were your reasons? Where would it serve you to go back and share your position, thoughts, feelings, or needs??

What could change if you do???

3 simple steps laid out in 3 bite-sized videos to go from overwhelm to ease (even if you think it's not possible!)

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