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How To Remember What Brings You Joy

Janet has a good marriage, but she wanted her husband to be more enthusiastic about doing things with her on the weekend.

She wanted him to plan activities & be excited about going with her.

As we worked through her frustration a couple of things became clear…

Janet was making her husband’s lack of enthusiasm mean that he didn’t want to spend time with her, which-spoiler alert-was not the case.

And, second when I asked her what it was she wanted to do, she didn’t have an answer.

Janet’s been focused other people for so long, she doesn’t know what would would feel fun for her.

She was looking to her husband to fill that void and made him the bad guy when he couldn’t.

Janet isn’t alone.

So many women put work, kids, parents, friends or hell even prioritize caring for the neighbor’s cat before themselves that they forget they like.

Janet was feeling resentful toward her husband-imagine how this had and could have impacted her marriage if it was left unchecked.

It’s no joke when I say caring for yourself benefits those around you.

Do you recognize a little Janet in you?

Have you forgotten what you want or what brings you joy?

Do you prioritize everyone else & have nothing left for you?

I feel you & I hear you, I have been there.

AND I can show you how to start bring more of YOU back into your life!

Inside my coaching group The GC I’ll teach you how to get back in touch with you & make space for yourself-without feeling guilty.

AND you get to explore what you want with other women who are figuring that out too.

When you hear your experiences in other women’s stories it helps you see that you’re not alone, that you’re not a weirdo, or an outlier! You’re normal.

That is what we do inside my coaching group The GC.

I bring tools to help you unlock the BS that is getting in your way & create space for yourself.

The women inside the group are incredibly supportive of one another because they GET IT! They’re living it too & can help you see what maybe you can’t see in yourself.

Registration is OPEN for the GC.

Be a part of this community where we prioritize growth & connection…

And hold space for girlfriends & connection…

Where you can generate real confidence.


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