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How to Cut Yourself Some Slack and Destress for the Holidays

Somehow the holidays became a chore.

They’re often stressful, rushed and NOT about enjoyment.

When tensions are high from family dynamics, trying to get it all just right, or feeling completely overwhelmed, that’s a recipe for losing our shit on the people closest to us.

Maybe it’s too late for you to feel comfortable changing holiday plans, but it’s never too late to change how YOU experience them.

Feelings come directly from what you’re thinking.

If I look back on a Thanksgiving in the past when I was about to lose my ever loving mind my thoughts sounded something like…

“The turkey is pink, WTH do I do?! I’ve already cut it, I can’t serve it & if I put it back in the oven it’ll dry out.”

“My family is going to know that I’m a total moron, I should’ve just let my sister cook like usual. Why did I think I could handle this?!”

“If I wasn’t shit at planning this wouldn’t have happened”

“OMG don’t cry Jen!”

And then I started banging cupboard doors and barking at everyone to get out of the kitchen because I was terrified of anyone figuring out how much I’d screwed up.

This is not an exaggeration.

My thoughts were making my experience and everyone else’s mis-er-able.

You know what ended up happening? When I finally calmed down and asked my sister for help she told me matter of factly to put the turkey back in the oven and it was FINE.

She didn’t criticize me, that was MY job.

Back then if I didn’t do things perfectly my inner critic would go insane. I was ridiculously hard on myself.

Can you relate?

Maybe you’re not that mean. But, you probably have a sense of what I’m talking about.

Do you want to know what will happen if my turkey is undercooked this year? I’ll stick it back in the oven without all the f’ing mind drama.

And EVERYONE will have a much better day.

Because what I think directly impacts how I feel and how I feel causes me to react.

When I can cut myself some slack I’m so much better to be around.

How do you WANT to feel?

What do you need to think to feel that way?

Just start there and cut yourself some slack. 😁

Happy Thanksgiving

This is just the start of the holiday season! In The GC we're going to tackle ways to have better holidays all through December. AND I'm offering extra mindfulness meditation times because who couldn't use more opportunities to quiet the very busy mind?!

Give yourself a gift and join us. It's a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time. Go here for info and to register.


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