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How to Build Stress Resilience - Why Mindfulness Stopped My Stress Spirals

My friend Hailey gets her best ideas in the shower.

You know what my mind does in the shower?


My thoughts are like a pinball pinging back and forth between what I need to do, a new idea, what I forgot to do, what I want to do, who said what, why is the dog barking…etc, etc and on and on.

Can you relate Amy?

What struck me recently is that nothing actually gets DONE with all of this racing.

I roll the same list over and over, but I’m not actually doing anything about it.

So I expend all this energy, kick myself for not getting the windshield on the car fixed & move on to the next thing to churn over.

It’s not getting me anywhere & it’s exhausting because this doesn’t just happen in the shower…it’s when I drive, or do the dishes, or watch TV, or scroooool IG. Again not taking any action, just pinballing.

So, I’m checked out of the moment I’m actually in & the only thing I’m accomplishing is feeling tired and frustrated.

^^This never ending spin cycle is why I decided to explore mindfulness.

These days I’m practicing intentionally noticing what’s going on right now. And when my brain starts to ping between things-because of course it does-I bring my attention back to the room, my senses, and what I’m experiencing.

Think this sounds impossible?

My brain can rival the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes, no joke! If I drew a diagram of the topics that ping in my brain the paper would be covered in scribbles in no time!

But when I’m intentional, I don’t focus on the thoughts AND I feel so much better when my insides are calm-in other words less stressed!

And I’m actually more productive because I’m not stopping/starting whatever I’m working on to address that other thing that just popped up in my brain.

Curious to see what it might feel like for you to walk away from your own Tasmanian Devil experience even for a little bit?

Ready to build some stress resilience?

Join me for a free 30-minute virtual mindfulness practice next week on Wednesday Sept 7th at 5:00PM Pacific.


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