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How to Break Free From Feeling Stuck and Open Yourself up to Possibilities

I love the movie A Christmas Story. I know it’s June, but stay with me. Do you remember the scene when Flick is triple dog dared into touching his tongue to the freezing cold pole? He starts yelling “stuck, stuck, stuck” with increasing frenzy when he realizes his tongue is frozen to the pole.

Have you ever felt this way? Not that your tongue was literally stuck to a pole 😁 but where you felt like you didn’t have options? I remember that feeling well & I see it in my clients. Cara was sharing with me frustrations about her job. She’s asked to take on more when she’s already taxed, losing her lunch hour because patients are late & she’s not allowed to turn them away, & finding herself too exhausted at the end of the day to have any kind of social life. She doesn’t speak up because she’s afraid of losing her job. When I asked what she would do if that happened, she said she’d go to law school. 😮 But, she’d only entertained law school as a back up plan if she got fired. She feels stuck in a job where she has no breaks during the day, isn’t respected, & is too tired for a life outside of work. And yet the idea of doing something different only comes into play if she loses her job-not because she wants a change & not because something else is interesting. She didn’t see impacting her current situation, changing jobs, or changing careers as even a possibility for her. This kind of black & white thinking contributes to feeling stuck. Where are you feeling stuck right now? Have you given space for other possibilities? My guess is no and that makes you very normal. And let me be clear…you do NOT have to blow up your life or career as they are now to allow space for possibilities-unless you want to. You can make shifts in your current life to ease the feeling of being stuck & to bring in more joy, freedom, fulfillment or whatever it is that you’re looking for. It's possible. Let me know where you’re feeling stuck & what the notion of possibilities might offer you.

If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for, come explore that inside The GC with us this month. The focus for June is what do YOU want. Maybe a major life change is what’s calling to you or maybe there are subtle changes that could lead to just the right shift for you. Let’s explore. Go here for information and to register for The GC.


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