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For the Love of Galentine's

Yes, you read that right GALentines.

Have you heard of it? The idea of Galentine’s Day came from Amy Poehler's character on

Parks and Rec who wanted to celebrate female friendships. Women have been honoring their gal pals on February 13 ever since.

I’m willing to wager that you are a good friend. You are loving, kind, supportive and listen to your friends talk about their hopes, dreams, and fears without criticism.

But how are you with yourself?

What does that little voice in the back of your head that runs on auto-pilot all damn day sound like?

For many of the women I work with the voice sounds something like…

“You cannot wear that”

“Oh sh*t why did I say that? I’m such an idiot.”

“I'm totally screwing my kids up”

“I’m the breadwinner, I have to suck it up. I won’t find another job that has the same pay, flexibility, seniority etc.”

Would you say anything remotely like that to your gal pals? I don’t think so.

Yet we are cruel, limiting, and downright awful to ourselves at times.

So many women tell me that they don’t know how to be kind to themselves-which is total BS. You treat your friends well and I know you have oodles of compassion inside of you for others.

It’s time to turn that compassion to yourself.

Can you be your own Galentine? Maybe try it for a day (2/13 perhaps? ) and see how it shifts things for you. Whenever that cruel tape starts playing imagine saying that to a friend. You wouldn't do that, so say to you what you would say to her.  Let me know how your Galentine's Day goes.


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