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Do You Feel Like No One Respects Your Boundaries?

Ava* tried to pretend she’d be out of town for Thanksgiving to keep her family at bay.

They want her to host the family gathering this year.

She doesn’t host. It’s NOT her comfort zone.

It IS & WILL cause her anxiety to skyrocket.

When she shared this at the Soul Spa Getaway last weekend the resounding answer in the room was to say no-and be honest about it.

She’s tried.

She says no & her sister keeps pushing until she gives in.

Sound familiar?

^^This is why people think saying no doesn’t work for them.

They try, but no one listens.

Clients tell me that no one respects their boundaries.

My question to them (AND YOU) is:

Who’s going to respect your boundaries if you don’t?!

Ava’s sister knows that if she just keeps pushing Ava will give in.

If Ava wants something different, she can’t keep caving-and neither can you.

Respecting your boundaries means when you put your foot down it stays down.

People are used to you relenting, they expect it. There will be pushback when you hold your ground.

If you want an outcome to be different-if you want people to respect your boundaries-then YOU have to respect your boundaries.

Where does this ring true for you? Where do you need to keep your feet firmly planted in your no? Hit reply & tell me. I’d love to hear what’s about to change for you.



P.S. No one's saying this is going to be easy.

If you’re not used to saying no you may be nervous to do it. That’s ok AND totally normal. But, it’s worth it.

Imagine how much better Ava’s Thanksgiving will be if she isn’t anxious in the weeks leading up to &


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