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Are You TIRED of Living With Uncertainty?

What’s it like for you when you don’t know what’s going to happen? Are you a thrill junky? Do you thrive on unpredictability & adventure? LOVE living on the edge? If so you’re only about 30% of the population!! The other 70% of us CAN’T STAND uncertainty. We want to know what’s going to come next. Predictability is comfortable. Uncertainty is scary as hell. Have you ever watched your brain in action when you’re uncertain?

It wants to categorize, to plan, to’s desperate to find some kind of structure inside the uncertainty because that feels a little safer. But, here’s the kicker... There is no certainty. Ever. The job you go to predictably, every day could disappear tomorrow. The corner shop where you grab your coffee on the way to said job could go up in flames. Your car could NOT be in your driveway tomorrow. None of this is meant to insight fear in you. This is just reality & most of us navigate it daily without really giving it much thought. AND uncertainty doesn’t necessarily require an incident that shakes up your life. You could be uncertain about a choice…

Where to send your child to school. How to tell your mom that you’re going to your in-laws for Christmas. Which new job offer to choose. Your brain still goes into the same pattern of overdrive trying to create safety & comfort. It may agonize over the decision, keeping you up at night. Or you may poll 50 people for their input; many whose opinion you don’t even value. All in the name of searching for security. It’s normal, it’s your very human brain trying to feel safe. And it’s utterly exhausting. We dissected the topic of uncertainty in The GC recently. All of the women knew all too well the experience of the brain desperately looking for solutions-none of them were looking forward to having that again anytime soon. They walked away from that call with specific tools & insights on how to lean in to the experience & avoid the panic, loss of sleep, & polling strangers for how to decide. Imagine having a place to go where you hear about experiences that closely mirror yours. You thought that you were just quirky, but what you learn is that you’re human, normal, and NOT alone (and not quirky!). Imagine having a group reflect that to you & THEN hearing someone say here’s a way to manage that. It can feel like the damn heavens parted & someone sent down EXACTLY what you needed. That’s what I mean when I say it’s magical inside of The GC. The GC is where you want to be! It’s a monthly membership-join anytime & stay as long as you’d like. Come have real conversations where you get to be yourself without fear of being fodder for gossip at the next night out. Where you can say what’s really going on for you & get support, feedback, & tools to HELP with the situation...NOT judgement or NOT a friend taking the conversation off into how her situation is worse. Support. Tools. Learning. Growing. Laughter. Friendship. Community. Confidentiality. It’s all there for you in The GC. Take the leap. Go here. Just picture what that could do for you. I’ll see you inside. xo, Jen P.S. Are you curious about leaning into uncertainty? The recording of that call is available to you when you join The GC. ALL of the previous calls-which means ALL of the tools & resources shared in the past are there for you to use as needed. Bonus!! Join here.


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