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Are You Holding Yourself Back Because You’re Terrified of Being Judged?

You know what really friggin' chaps my hide???

When I see a woman bite her lip & hold back because she’s afraid it’s a stupid idea. Or…

Jump on an unhealthy crash diet after she’s disgusted by her thighs spreading across the seat. Or...

Put up with someone who can’t commit or doesn’t love her the way she wants to be loved for fear that this is as good as it gets. Or...

Feel isolated because she’s too afraid to open up & trust other women after experiences have convinced her that it’s not safe. Or...

Work her ass off to prove how valuable she is because deep down she needs someone else to tell her she’s good enough. Or...

Numb out of her own life with food, booze, shopping, Instagram, or Netflix when it all feels like too damn much. Or...

Try to do all. the. things. because the media tells us the perfect life= having it ALL without feeling frazzled, without dropping a ball, & god forbid EVER disappointing someone.

I’m SICK of seeing smart, capable, beautiful women hold themselves back because they’re terrified of what will happen if they don’t - judgment, ridicule, having their confidence broken, being ostracized…

Let me be clear, this is NOT your fault.

Women are conditioned to believe that our value comes from how we look & what we can DO for other people.

We are taught “ crave the need for approval, validation, & praise”.*

There’s not a lot of room in there for feeling comfortable in your own skin or trusting & loving yourself.

Which is EXACTLY what is needed to counter the ingrained BS.

But, here’s the good news, beliefs are just thoughts we’ve had over & over & over until they become solidified as truth.

You can learn to think new thoughts & change everything.

That doesn’t mean you have to blow up your life, quit your job, & send your husband and kids to live with grandma permanently-unless you want to! 😁

You can shift away from the BS thoughts that run on a loop in your subconscious & start to see improvement in the life you have right now-OR-create something new.

I can teach you how.

Let’s see what thoughts are on autopilot for you.

You may want to fight the notion that we internalize beliefs about how we should be. It's ok if you do, questioning is good. Let me offer this in response...What do you think prompts you to hold the door open for the stranger behind you or wave someone ahead of you in traffic???

*quote from Radical Awakening by Dr. Shefali, a book that is currently blowing my mind.


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