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Are You Gentle With Yourself With You Look in the Mirror?

When you look in the mirror does it sound something like…

Oh damn those wrinkles are deep! I look so old.

Ugh, the flap above my bra strap-so not attractive.

Look at how huge my ass looks in these pants!

Hear me loud and clear: This is NOT your fault!

Women in our culture are taught from the youngest age that looks matter just about more than anything else.

Even if you don’t have specific memories from your family of origin, it’s ingrained in our society.

TV, Movies, magazines, IG influencers…it’s all around us!

But, for women in particular we’re taught that our value comes from how we look and what we can DO for other people.

In a society that values young, size 0 models -who’ve been photoshopped - that’s unattainable for about 99.99999% of women.

So we feel inadequate & beat ourselves up for not being what’s impossible, which often leads to numbing out from our crappy feelings by eating, starving ourselves, drinking, spending too much, over exercising, not exercising, etc., etc., etc.

ALL of which leave you feeling horrible & beating yourself up even more.

What a seriously messed up vicious cycle.

What could it be like if you didn’t do this?

Is it possible to look in the mirror and be gentle with yourself? To counter all the shitty programming & start befriending you?

Hell yes it’s possible! It’s the biggest, most radical thing you can do for yourself.

What if you could…

Look at your reflection and smile like you do at a good friend?

See you & not pick everything apart?

Love your body or at least start to like your body?

THIS is our focus in The GC this month…

How to love your body, or at least be a little kinder to it.

Join us live July 12 at 5:15 pacific as we explore this impactful topic.

Can’t make it live? No problem. All calls are recorded.

Letting go of the reasons you are so unkind to yourself changes everything.

Come see what it’s like.


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