Lessons From Mexico

Originally posted October 2014 Autumn demonstrates that it is time to shed old layers in preparation for a new beginning, may be even risk taking. Just watch the falling leaves for inspiration. Last October I boarded a plane for a retreat. In Mexico. Alone. I didn’t know anyone going except my coach who was co-leading the retreat, but we’d never met in person. I took a red eye from San Francisco, had a three-hour lay over and arrived in Cancun groggy and without my luggage. There were choices at every juncture. I’m not sure what made me sign up for the trip in the first place; this was completely out of character for me. A risk. Going alone to a foreign country? That was not me, yet I made t

Wisdom From the Pup

My dog Ellie knows what she wants and has no issue letting you know about it. If she is sleeping and you walk anywhere near her (like within 20 feet) she’ll throw her leg open to expose her belly. She is boldly asking for a belly rub. And she feels no obligation to return the favor in any way. If you stop petting her, she will paw at you until you get annoyed and tell her to go away or start petting her again. But, she’s not satisfied with your hands just anywhere on her. Oh no, she will use her head or paw to direct your hand exactly where she wants the affection. Ellie is pushy and she doesn’t care what you think of her for asking. She wants what she wants. Watching Ellie and her unrelenti

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