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Getting Out of the Habit - How Habitual Thinking Is Keeping You Stuck

Have you been to an event where they call each table up separately to the buffet?

Ever notice how impatient you can get waiting for your table to finally be called?

“Why’d they call that table next?”

“Are we going to be last?!”

You know there’s probably plenty of food and yet you're looking around the room, tapping your foot, & wondering if they forgot you!

There’s no reason to rush or be impatient really, but it’s coming up anyway. What gives?

It’s just a habit.

That way of thinking, feeling like you have to keep running, going, rushing…it’s an old way of thinking.

And it’s putting your mind at dis-ease.

In our day to day lives we justify rushing or impatience because you believe time is short, you’ve got SO MUCH on your plate, someone else might snap up the opportunity, or your friend/boss/next door neighbor might be upset if you don’t respond right away etc, etc, etc.

These are all just thoughts.

Thoughts that leave you feeling stressed.

And when you’ve had a thought over and over and over it’s cemented in your brain as a belief and the reaction to it becomes automatic which equals a habit.

You’ll want to argue with me that you really are busy.

I get it. I know this habit well.

You probably do have a lot to do.

And yet “a lot” is subjective. It’s not a fact.

On a visit to the Clinton presidential library I got to peek at his daily agenda while in office. I’m NOT busy compared to that. And my guess is neither are you.

Think about it this way…how much time and energy get used up running that belief over and over in your mind???

Trying to tell yourself you have enough time will probably fall flat at this stage because you don’t believe it.

What if for now you become aware that your brain has been hijacked by the habit?

When you feel the stress, pressure, or impatience you can say to yourself: Ooooooh I notice I’m in the middle of the “busy habit”.

Noticing it will start to shift & interrupt the automatic response (maybe only for a nano second!) and gives you a chance to try something different like…

Take a breath…or 20!!!

Remind yourself that it’s just a thought that’s causing you to feel stressed.

See where that takes you. Slow and steady my friends, these old habits have been forming over decades.

If you’re sick of busy and rushing you have to join The GC this month.

The entire month of May will focus on “breaking up with busy”!

I have tools to help you DO this!!

PLUS we have a bonus guest speaker this month teaching the art of the pause and how to create more time for rest and play.

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