The Take Action Challenge

Oh mamas, what do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Do you crack the whip? Get right to work? Then this challenge is not for you. But, if you are like me and roughly 20% of the population you are a PROCRASTINATOR. We are barreling down on a new year and I'm looking at January as a time for a fresh start. I am tired of feeling bogged down by all of the unfinished business that is taking up space in my brain. It is time for a change and making a change is so much easier when you have support. So, let's do this together. We are going to Take Action! We are not going to procrastinate for one week, just one week, and see if we notice any differences. Will we feel a little more in control? Will the overwhelm slow down? Will we want to make this a more permanent change? I'm not asking for miracles, just evidence that dealing with stuff upfront makes a difference. Want to join me? 


To give ourselves a fighting chance we will start the challenge after things settle down from the holidays. Our Take Action Challenge week will run from January 11-17. I will send you periodic prompts and we can support each other's efforts on Facebook. Sign up below and keep an eye on your in-box. Thanks!


With love,

Your camarade in action