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WTF is wrong with me???!!!

Janie is really, really mean to herself.

I’d bet you get it.

The harsh chatter that goes on in her head…

She wants good relationships, to fit in & be liked-but damn that requires some vulnerability.

Who do you trust? Who has your back?

Janie was so afraid that someone would figure out that she wasn’t qualified for her job (except that she totally was qualified)

Or that she was winging balancing work & kids while everyone else made it look like a damn picnic

WTF is wrong with me was one of the things that was on repeat in her mind

Imagine how that made her feel...

How does it make YOU feel?





When Janie learned to shift the relentless cruel voice, the volume got quieter

It was no longer in her face or stealing her focus

She felt lighter, freer, calmer & motivated…

AND she didn’t give a crap anymore about anyone else’s picnic

You can have that too.

I know you don’t believe it’s possible, but I teach women to do this every day.

It’s possible.

I can help.


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