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With Age Comes???

You’ve heard the old adage “with age comes wisdom” right?

I had someone imply that the areas we address in coaching are things that people just figure out when they are older. As if by the time we reach 100 we magically discover that our thoughts are running the show, that we really are valuable, that we don’t have anything to prove and the cruel inner chatter just suddenly stops. 

It may be true that by the time we reach 100 we don’t care what people think anymore, that I can believe. But the rest of it, no way.

I don’t know any centenarians, but I do know plenty of older women who struggle with feeling worthy, of not fitting in, of not believing in themselves and who are afraid to speak their minds. That doesn’t just go away with age. 

I believe you are here reading this because you want something more or better for your life. Are you going to wait until you are 70, 80, or 100 for that to happen? I want that something for you right now.

I wish I had known at 15 what I know now. Hell I wish I’d known that at 10! I wonder how different my life would be if I hadn’t viewed other women as competition, if I had been aware of how my thoughts create my feelings and influence my actions, if I could have seen myself as worthy instead of expecting boys to fill the void or spoken up the million times that I bit my tongue.

Change takes awareness and deliberate effort.

I am not waiting for someday, I am trying to learn and grow everyday. Who is with me?!


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