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Why NOT you?

A friend’s husband used to tell her “you’re a nicer person when you go to yoga” 😄

Do you know that feeling? I sure do!

An hour away from relentless thoughts...yes please!!

But, you skipped yoga class (again) because you had to get that project done

And you ordered pizza (again) because you stayed late to finish the project-so much for eating at home more this year

And when you finally sit down you see that you missed the Zoom birthday celebration for your old college roommate

And you feel like crap

THIS is what overwhelm feels like

Two steps forward & 47 back! 😤

Never quite getting where you want to go

Like the deck is stacked against you- not everyone, just you-because you haven’t figured this shit out & never will.

Or at least not until you retire

Or run away to live in a commune

So, you just go back to scrolling Instagram because why bother?! 🙄

Except that some part of you hopes it can be different, that’s why you get my emails

And you see women you admire

So why not you?

It IS possible to get out from under overwhelm & it’s easier than you think.

Trust me, I’ve done it for myself & teach my private clients to do it every day!

You can do it too!

I’ve created 3 ridiculously simple steps to go from Overwhelm to EASE

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Bringing ease into your life IS possible.

Being real... just because the steps are simple, doesn’t mean change is easy. It’s not, you know that.

But, simple consistent steps will get you where you want to go & that’s what this is all about.

If you practice the steps you just might be able to…

See that you missed the zoom birthday party & call your friend with love rather than kicking yourself thinking you look like a careless jerk. Love=ease

Or realize that the project that kept you from yoga really could’ve waited & treated yourself to an hour away from relentless thoughts=ease

Or eaten your pizza with joy-knowing you’ll make a salad tomorrow=ease

With love and ease,



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