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Why Actions Are So Important to Create the Reality You Dream Of

What’s the thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t?

Update your resume?

Redo your yard?

Start a business or a side gig?

Plan a trip?

Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it…

I could take a trip to Italy, but there are so many options of places to visit. How do I get started?? And then you close your laptop & throw in a load of laundry because there are too many choices & it’s overwhelming. Only to open the laptop another time & rinse/repeat.

Or maybe you aren’t updating the resume because it’s daunting to go back through your old roles & figure out what you’ve done and take credit for what you’ve accomplished.

Some people espouse thinking yourself into what you want - thoughts become things.

I believe that in part.

You’ve heard me say umpteen times that your thoughts create your feelings. That’s the cornerstone of my coaching & has made a HUGE difference in my life and in my clients lives.

How we’re feeling impacts how we show up in the world and leads directly to what action we do or don’t take.

That is how you get results.

Thoughts don’t become things unless you take action.

Thinking about the trip doesn’t get it booked.

Revisiting the idea of updating your resume…someday…doesn’t change anything in your life.

Wanting a more supportive partner or a thriving business doesn’t create either of those things for you.

You have to actually take steps that move you toward what you want.

And what stops most of us from taking those steps is what we’re thinking & believing about ourselves & what’s possible.

Maybe it’s something like deep down you think you’re not qualified for the new position so you let organizing your old accomplishments be the thing that stops you from taking the next step.

Or a side gig sounds good, but you tell yourself that you don’t know the first thing about business or how to get it started or how it’s possible for other people to have a successful side gig on top of a full time job or managing kids, but not you.

Get the picture?

Where are you NOT taking action?

What are you telling yourself when you don’t?

Start there.

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