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Who Do You Want at Your Table - How Those You Surround Yourself With Impact You

Have you ever heard the expression “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”?

It means that the people we spend time with have a big impact on how we think, feel and the action we take in our lives.

We’ve been talking all month about the relationship you have with you. Last week I shared that I was stupid, excited about buying myself a table and what that represented to me.

As I was sitting at the table I started thinking about who I want at it with me.

In my 20s I was buried under a lot of critical inner bullshit about where I did (& didn’t fit in) and tied my worth to the reactions of those around me. It’s hard to be lighthearted and have easy social interactions when you come from that place.

So I went for the low hanging fruit of connection…gossip, cynicism, and complaining. It was waaaaaay easier than sitting in silent anxiety because I couldn’t think of how else to connect. Thankfully at some point I realized that kind of interaction left me feeling lousy and started intentionally arranging my time with people who didn’t want to gossip either.

Today, I’m PASSIONATE about women supporting other women. I get a little queasy if I catch a clip of the Real Housewives even if it is just for ratings.

I want to be surrounded by brave, innovative thinkers who value collaboration, deep connection, and joy.

^^This is who I’m striving to be. It’s an imperfect process and thankfully I have built a network that sees and supports me.

How do you want to feel about yourself? Does your social circle represent how you want to be? Research shows us they’re a bigger influence than you might think.

So who do you want to sit at your table? Who’s influence would you like more of?

I’m not suggesting you blow up your social life, just take stock. Do you need less time with certain people, including family members?

Think of it this way…you wouldn’t expect your body to be at peak athletic performance if you filled it with sugar everyday.

So, what do you want to fill your mind with??

If you’re looking for a place to meet women that you might want at your table, The GC is a great place to start.

They’re all about being real.


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