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Where Are You Fighting Life - Learning to Let Go of Resistance

Why can’t my kids do what they’re told without all the drama like my sister’s kids?! None of my friends are going through this kind of turmoil with their parents. Why is mine the only one that’s had major medical problems for years?! It’s exhausting. If only my boss would actually communicate what she wants. 🙄 I just wish my husband was romantic…or handy…or made more money…or whatever the thing is that you wish were different about him. One of the brilliant women inside my coaching group, The GC, says “Stop fighting life”. That’s what these thoughts are doing…fighting what’s going on in your life. Wishing things were different doesn’t change anything. You’re fighting a losing battle in your mind thinking about what should be different. And then maybe you lose your cool and yell at your kids or dump on your husband about how you wish he were “better”, or snap at a coworker when they question you. None of these responses get you anywhere but more frustrated. Where are you fighting life? Ask yourself… What are the realities in your life that you’re pushing back against like aging parents, a child with learning disabilities, or an addicted loved one? No one’s life is perfect & comparing your circumstances to someone else’s is just a recipe for feeling like crap. Are there hard conversations that you’ve been avoiding? Where you could be more accepting of the people in your life rather than judging them? What could that do for your relationships? No one is suggesting you be a doormat. If there are things that can be changed and you want that, it’s going to take action on your part, not just wishing. And fighting the fight only in your mind isn’t moving the needle on anything you want in life and is likely making you feel worse. Where are you fighting life? I get it.

And seeing it is the first step to changing or accepting rather than fighting.

If you have no idea how to stop fighting life -you're not alone. And I want to invite you to join me at the Soul Spa Getaway. Inside the Getaway I'm going to show you exactly how to & figure out exactly where you're expending energy fighting a fight that is getting you NOWHERE and how to deal with that. You'll walk away with knowledge, the weight off of your shoulders, & tools to keep it that way. November 3*-6 in gorgeous Carmel, CA Go here for info. Don't wait, registration closes 10/20.


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