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Where am I???

You know that feeling when you’re mid-conversation & you have no idea what the other person is talking about? You zoned out for a sec...or 30!

Or your kid keeps reminding you it’s your turn because you keep losing track of the game you are playing?

Where was your mind? Maybe...

How you’re going to juggle that last minute project. Or

Why did HR schedule that call? What does it mean? Or

The car is making that noise again.

Your mind is anywhere but the room you’re in!

How do you feel when you notice you’ve zoned out?

Guilty? Disoriented?

Did you solve the problem of the extra project or just run it over in your head-AGAIN??!!

Did you actually schedule with the mechanic or just think about it for the 12,000th time?!

How is checking out helping you? It’s NOT! It’s robbing you of the moment you’re in & FOR WHAT????

Think of all the time & energy wasted being somewhere else!!

If you’ve been feeling stressed, pay attention to how many times you check out. I’d wager it happens waaaaayyyyy more than you realize.


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