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Top 3 Things That Are Exhausting You and How to Overcome Them

A lake house vacation with another family sounded so good to Kim when she planned it. They’d be right on the water. There would be sun, swimming, & the kids could entertain

each other-aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. She couldn’t wait to relax, have fun with the kids, catch up with her friends (& her husband ) & take a break from the stress of work. Unfortunately she didn’t let herself have any of those things. As we unpacked her experience in her 1:1 coaching session, I could hear it...Kim was busy making sure everyone else was happy or worrying that she wasn’t doing enough... Was her friend cooking or cleaning more than her? Would she think that Kim was a slacker or selfish? Then there was the constant chatter in her head about how she looked in her swimsuit. And when she wasn’t drowning in that misery, her mind kept going back to what was happening at the office. Is it any surprise that at the end of her time away Kim didn’t feel relaxed or rested?!

What she felt was exhausted with a side of resentment for missing out on her trip. Do you know that feeling, when you’re SOOOOOO looking forward to something & yet you miss out on it because you’re brain was too busy judging yourself for…. Doing enough or Saying the right (or wrong!) thing or What you’re wearing or What your ass looks like in what you’re wearing. Yeah, that stuff. It robs you of your experiences & leaves you feeling drained. Kim was tired of it. Are you???? I have just the ticket.

Join me for “The Top 3 Things That Are EXHAUSTING You & How To Overcome Them." This training is FREE and it’s bite sized at 30 minutes because I know you’re busy. But, don’t let the length fool you, it’s packed with valuable info & tools you can put into action right away. Go here to register: Feel free to hit reply with any questions,

Jen P.S. If you’ve been wondering.. What to do when you’re home, but your mind is at the office or... How to say no without feeling guilty or...

When it’s ok to just let go & enjoy ...

This training is for you. Register here.


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